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Hiring the best Java Software Engineer for your upcoming project can often be time consuming and stressful. The best developer for your role needs to be smart, experienced, responsible, working and vetted senior level Java developers. 

Our artificial intelligence driven matching program helps your organization discover the ideal fit for your development project. Our combination of Big Data and personal interviews guarantees an excellent match for your developement team. 

Our ultimate goal is to help you find a Java Software Engineer that will contribute quality code to your team from the start. Our hiring process has been refined through our several years and it’s trusted by many fast-growing startups. Hire your future Java Software Engineer with Hire Software Engineer and we will add an expert to your team.

Our engineers are in Brazil and are happy to work US hours so they can communicate and gel with your existing team.

We have gathered together a great group of talented and experienced software developers from South America who are eager to work with US companies.

You simply pay a flat monthly or hourly rate, we take care of all the local employment taxes and employee benifits.

When you hire a developer with us you can be asured the developer is a skilled professional who has pasted testing.

What is a Java Developer?

Responsible for developing applications and software using the Java programming language, these specialized programmers collaborate with fellow software engineers, web developers, and others to use Java for developing business applications, websites and more.

A high performing partner for your company

We understand the importance of a high performance and trust. Thats why wee offer the most premium and professional service to all. Get in touch with us now to kick start your partnership with us today.

How much does a Java developer cost?

Rates can vary due to many factors, including expertise and experience, location, and market conditions.

  • An experienced Java developer may command obviously higher fees but also work faster, have more-specialized areas of expertise, and deliver higher-quality work.
  • A Beginner who is still in the process of gaining experienece may price their Java development services more competitively. 

Rates typically charged by Java developers are:

  • Beginner: $25 per hour
  • Intermediate: $39 per hour
  • Advanced: $55 per hour

Which one is right for you will depend on the specifics of your project.

Experienced Java Software Engineers Are available in Brazil

Our expert Java developers are well-versed with Java tools and modern frameworks and have a shared vision to help businesses rapidly develop great applications.

We recruit from south america and have one of the largest databases of the best available Java developers.

Let us help you find your perfect Java Software Engineer today!

Java Software Engineer

Why Hire With Us? Access to Our Global Talent 100% English Speaking No Recruitment Fees Work In US TImezone We Cover All Local Taxes Experienced Developers Only

How long has Java been around for?

Java was created at Sun Microsystems where James Gosling led a team of researchers in an effort to create a new progarmming language that would allow consumer electronic devices to communicate with each other. Work on the language began in 1991, and before long the team’s focus changed to a new niche, the World Wide Web.

First introduced to the world back in 1996, Java today is still very much in demand. Over 35% of programmers worldwide worked in this language in 2021.

How do you hire a Java Developer?

You can source Java developer talent with us by following these three steps:

  • Click the start hiring button at the top of the page. You’ll want to tell us the scope of work and the skills and requirements you are looking for in a Java developer.
  • Fill in your requirements and click send Once you’ve written description of what you need and your project click send and send it to us.
  • Recieve Resume and interview Java developers. Once the proposals start coming in, create a shortlist of the professionals you want to interview. 

Of these three steps, your requirement description is where you will determine your scope of work and the specific type of Java developer you need to complete your project.  

Your requirements should contain the following: 
  • Scope of work: From Android apps to big data analytics, list all the deliverables you’ll need.
  • Project length: Your job post should indicate whether this is a smaller or larger project.
  • Background: If you prefer experience with certain industries, software, or coding languages, mention this here.
  • Budget: Set a budget and note your preference for hourly rates vs. fixed-price contracts.
  • Why Choose Us?

    Who works to U.S time zones

    We dont charge you any fees

    No unreliable freelancer turnover

    You reliably get quality results

    To Manage the project and team

    Reduced the cost and Burnrate of your project

    What does Java code look like?

    Java is an object-oriented programming language. Everything in Java is associated with classes and objects, along with its attributes and methods. For example: in real life, a car is an objectThe car has attributes, such as weight and color, and methods, such as drive and brake

    In fibonacci series, next number is the sum of previous two numbers for example 0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55 etc. The first two numbers of fibonacci series are 0 and 1. 

    Below we will write a Java method that will print off the fibonacci sequence to the screen.

    1. class FibonacciExample{  
    2.  static int n1=0,n2=1,n3=0;    
    3.  static void printFibonacci(int count){    
    4.     if(count>0){    
    5.          n3 = n1 + n2;    
    6.          n1 = n2;    
    7.          n2 = n3;    
    8.          System.out.print(” “+n3);   
    9.          printFibonacci(count-1);    
    10.      }    
    11.  }    
    12.  public static void main(String args[]){    
    13.   int count=10;   
    14.   System.out.print(n1+” “+n2);  //print out the first two numbers to the screen  
    15.   printFibonacci(count-2);   
    16.  }  
    17. }  

    Why is BizCoder the best choice for hiring Java Experts?

    BizCoder is trusted by hundreds of startups and tech companies around the world, and we’ve matched thousands of skilled developers with both freelance and full-time jobs. Every Java developer in our network goes through a vetting process to verify their communication abilities, remote work readiness, and technical skills (both for depth in Java and breadth across the greater domain).