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Hire a talented software developer from Brazil. 
  • Experienced business coders
  • Tested and Verified skills. 
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Software Outsourcing 


Hire a talented software developer from Brazil 
Experienced business coders with Tested and Verified skills.
Economy, Quality and working in the same Time zone.
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Java Engineer
We have Java developers with experience in the Java programming frameworks you use in your project.
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Python Software Engineer
Python is a popular development language, and we have Experienced Python developers from Brazil 
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PHP Web Developer
PHP is often used in commercial websites. We have a crop of talented PHP software engineers.
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Dot Net Core
DotNet Software Engineer
We specialize in Microsoft .net technology and can provide your project with an experienced c# .net core engineer.
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Back End Engineers

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Dev Services

Hire a project development team

At Bizcoder all of our managers are experienced and have been battle hardened in lots of previous software projects. With this experience we can help you break up your project and estimate the resources you will require. Depending on the particular requirements, this may be a Backend Developer, Frontend designer or a Native Mobile App Developer.

Hire a Developer from South America

South American


If you're in the US or Canada we have lots of great near-shore developers at a competitive price. Every developer that works for us has a great work attitude and speaks good English. Any developer working on your team from BizCoder will have his experience vetted and his skills tested. This means when you're working with us you can be sure you will be working with only professional developers with verified experience.


Front End Programmers

Vue.js Software Engineer
VueJS is front end focused framework that works great on desktop and mobile. It has growing popularity with vueJs developers in increasing demand.
React Developer
React JS is a popular and powerful MVVM framework. It has component reusability and works great for reactively designed dual mobile\desktop websites.
TypeScript Developer
TypeScript is a strongly typed processor for Javascript. Strongly Typed means it can be precompiled with errors in the code highlighted at design time. 
JQuery Software Engineer
TypeScript is a javascript processor. TypeScript supports static/strong typing. This means that type correctness can be checked at compile time.
AngularJS Software Engineer
AngularJS is often known for its use of Ajax and its often used in MVVM web applications. It is fully extensible and works well different backend technologies.
ExpressJS Software Developer
ExpressJS is a popular toolset for building the MVVM sofisticated web applications. It is fully extensible and works well with a backend API.
software engineers

We help building  and maintaining a talented and motivated DEV TEAM so you can focus on a great Product.

Connecting the  best tech talent in south america with the most ambitious companies to solve challenging problems is what we do. Looking for serious dev talent for a great price, then perhaps we can help you.

We build talented, economic and resiliant tech teams . Theams that with the right resources make sure your product gets to market on time with the features you need.
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At BizCoder we 100% understand the importance of having high performing talent that you can trust. Thats why wee offer our best effort and professional service to all. Send us a message now to kick start our partnership today.

We help you build a Strong Dev Team

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A selection of our Talented Developers

android kotlin engineer
Andriod Developer
Andriod apps are increasingly popular as andriod has become the largest mobileos by users. The most popular language for writing andriod apps is Kotlin.
React Developer
React Native is a powerful, popular cross platform javascript framework. It can create anything from Windows to mobile apps that run on many platforms.
IOS software Engineer
iOS Developer
Most apps for Ios are now written in XCode using swift. We can help you find a talented and experienced ios swift developer to join your team.
Flutter Software engineer
Flutter Developer
Flutter is quite new but increasingly popular cross platform app development platform. It is capible of producing Ios, android apps and even Windows or Mac apps.