Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 – A premium Chinese smartphone with screen without edges

Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 - A premium Chinese smartphone with screen without edges

I tested the Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 for a few days and I can not wait to give you my feel for this smartphone just as I was looking forward to receiving it for the test. Indeed, it is a phone that was talked about in its first version and arrives with a second version normally more successful. With its impressive screen it is full of promise and I was able to check all this in real conditions. I do not give you a complete and exhaustive test of this smartphone here, my goal is to present you the aspects that marked me during my test.

This screen!

I can not start this test by talking to you about anything other than the Mi Mix 2’s screen. What catches the eye when you see it for the first time is its truly imposing screen without edges . The screen (or in any case the borderless aspect) is clearly a great highlight of this smartphone. He is very handsome, well adjusted, well finished. It delivers a good brightness,however, I have some doubts about the calibration of certain colors and the contrast is just right it must be admitted.

Design at the top

The screen takes almost all the available space on the front of the phone, it plays a decisive role in the design. What draws attention to the first grip is also the weight of the machine . Mi Mix 2 is heavy. Even if its 185g do not seem impressive, it is also an impression reinforced by the choice of materials.  Several consequences to that. Already everyday is used to “carry” a heavy smartphone.

The good point that can be drawn from this heavy weight is this very strong feeling of “premium”. The smartphone is really beautiful and when you take it in hand, the weight makes it even more beautiful because it feels like having a work of art in the hands . Well I exaggerate a little but in any case a real feeling of quality and beauty transpires when handling.

The screen reaches the top of the smartphone, so not to add a headband at the top as Apple has done with his iphoneX, Xiaomi has tabled a banner down to put the front camera including (bottom right) ). This is clearly a bad idea. We understand that they have not found a better solution but ergonomics level it is frankly bad. When we launch the front camera for the first time, the application advises us also to return the smartphone to have the camera at the top. Super convenient, thanks Xiaomi! (#irony).

Half-tone photo

The 12 Megapixels Mi Mix 2’s back sensor does the job. Nothing extravagant but under certain conditions it can be very good. Just as commonplace in other less obvious conditions .

Photo taken with Mi Mix 2

Front side, we talked about the totally zero position of the camera in the Design part so we will not go back but the quality of the sensor not really good surprise. The quality is poor as on many smartphones. Not much to add on this side unfortunately.

Battery – The good surprise

Yes Mi Mix 2 is heavy but it has the advantage of having a battery worthy of the name. Its  3340 mAh can really keep pace and hold the smartphone all day quietly see more depending on your use.

If we summarize

This Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 is a beautiful smartphone. I had really good surprises during this test including the finishes, the premium look, the battery, the beauty of the screen . Just like other aspects a little disappointing as the frontal photo sensor or the weight of the phone. I’m not a fan of the overlay Android neither (MIUI). One last point could tip the scales, it’s the price . This Mi Mix 2 is sold between 450 € and 600 € depending on sites and imports. However, we must be careful to have a European version and not a Chinese version.This price makes it really interesting to see the benefits it provides. 

I end this test by saying a big thank you to the PhoneDroid store who lent me the phone for a while and therefore made this test possible

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