Windows 10 Fall Creators Update works on 3 out of 4 computers

Windows 10 Fall Creators Update works on 3 out of 4 computers

Microsoft recently announced that the deployment of Windows 10 Fall Creators Update is complete, as all devices running an earlier version of the operating system are now allowed to install the latest version.

And, it turns out that Windows 10 users install the Fall Creators Update, because the statistics provided by AdDuplex indicate that the transition to the new version is taking place at a pretty impressive pace.

According to AdDuplex, the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update (version 1709) has a market share of 74.3% , while the second version remains Creators Update (version 1703) with only 17.2% market share. This means that nearly 3 out of 4 PCs use the latest version of Windows 10, says AdDuplex, which is an important step forward for Microsoft, given its often aggressive strategy for the operating system.

Farewell Anniversary Update

Distribution of different versions of Windows 10

The other good news is that the Anniversary Update is rapidly losing ground , and that’s good news for Microsoft too. The company will soon be withdrawing support for this release, and will continue to offer support for the two most recent versions of Windows 10, Creators Update and Fall Creators Update. As can be seen in the AdDuplex data, Anniversary Update has dropped from 10.5% market share to 6.6% in just one month. We can legitimately think that the arrival of Fall Creators Update was the catalyst for this decline.

With regard to Microsoft’s Surface models, it seems that the more recent the device, the better the chances of running the Fall Creators Update. According to AdDuplex, the only notable exception is the Laptop Surface , which holds only 61.3% of devices running version 1709.

Surface devices easily switch to Windows 10 Fall Creators Update

Microsoft is now preparing for the release of another major Windows 10 update, code-named Redstone 4 – only known by its code name at this time. The update should be finalized in March before getting the green light for the production channel in April

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