Things to do on the Deep web

Things to do on the Deep web

The Deep web is a huge part of World Wide Web, which is not easily accessible and It is not possible to access it through any standard search engine.

If you thinking for the exact meaning of Deep Web, then it’s nothing but just some number of dark websites which you can’t access without help of some softwares.

The main purpose of making Deep web was analyzing things anonymously. But, later Deep Web started to be used for negative means and people started using it for illegal means without any fear of being tracked by FBI, because deep web is not easily accessible by everyone.

We will be telling you how it feels to access Deep Web and the things that you do on Deep web.

Deep web have some objectives like – Spreading criminal mentality and Helping people for illegal work.

You can do several things on Deep Web. Some of them are illegal, and  some of them are not. Nowadays, deep web is mostly being used for illegal and negative means only.

Black marketing of hacking tools, stolen goods, fake credit card sellers, selling drugs and child pornography. On the other hand, there are several things which are legal to do on dark web. Now, let’s get started with our list.

Things to do on the Deep web

  1. Playing online – Yes!! You can use the Deep web to play some paid online multiplayer games with other online players, and you can also make money from here. But, most of the time these websites are fake and trusted ones are hard to recognize. So, we will suggest not to play any kind of online games on Deep web, most of the time your money will get looted.

    2. Finding criminals – This part of Deep Web is being used by Journalists, Criminals, Hackers, Intelligence Group, Government and many other higher authorities. When these groups of people have to work from behind the stage. They take help of dark web to work anonymously. Mostly they anonymously, without leaving any proof behind.

    3. Illegal means – Deeb web has several darknet marketplaces in illegal means today. List of some illegal things that you can find on Deep web are mentioned below:-

  • Buying/Selling drugs
  • Torture Techniques
  • Selling Human Organs
  • Child Pornography
  • Sex Toy shops
  • Hire Contract killers
  • Killing ideas
  • Discussions
  • Crime techniques
  • Selling of Guns
  1. Red Rooms – Now this term is very famous. Red Rooms websites are the place where you have to pay for watching live Torture. You can only pay through cryptocurrency. Most of the time the live videos are scripted and they have made in means of earning. But, many of them are real torture.

    5. Chat Rooms – From the name you can see, that chat rooms are general place to chat with people anonymously. Most of them are hackers and they will try to access your location details and Tehran personal data which may include your bank details too. Most of the time 10-15 people chat at a time and it’s really fun to chat with anonymous people.

These were some of the things that you can do on Deep web. This list is just for research purposes. It is strongly recommended to stay away from Deep web as a wrong click their can harm your life. To know more about deep web visit this link.

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