The Importance of Website Blogs And Using Joomla

The Importance of Website Blogs And Using Joomla

Like any business with a presence on the Internet, tracking visitors who have previously visited our website is a vital piece of information for b2c content marketing strategy. We need to get into the mind of the people who may potentially be looking for the services we can provide them.

As a matter of fact, the following sentence is no exaggeration:

Tracking is the single most important thing NetSolutions Group does with its website.

It’s important for NetSolutions Group to have a plan that allows us to track:

It is also imperative tracking inform you of the geographical location from which people usually visit your website and of the product or service provided. In our case, NetSolutions, which has a strong presence in the greater Chicagoland area and in Lake County, Illinois, is the leader in assessing and addressing all your website needs.

Our expertise consists of:

In  Drive Sales!

Due to the fact it is so important to understand the needs of your visitors, tracking the people who visit your website is even more vital when you are running a small business. You basically take a peek at the minds of your website followers and then take actions accordingly to increase web visitors.

So, if you want to take your business to the next level or if you want your business to be considered among top online businesses then you have to install or incorporate some tracking tool to do things more efficiently and effectively.

In the ever changing and fast paced world of the Internet and Cyberspace, there has been a lot of talk recently regarding Joomla websites. That’s because managing your website in the Joomla Content Management System (CMS) saves money and time, and money and time are something every business always looks for ways to save.

Joomla is completely free and continues to grow at an extremely rapid pace. Simply put, Joomla is powering websites all over the world.

Website development companies like NetSolutions Group, based in the northern Chicago suburb of Lake County, IL, utilizes the power of Joomla when building websites for its many clients. The advantages are numerous, beginning with the fact Joomla compares favorably with similar tools costing tens of thousands of dollars. Why would any business want to outlay these kinds of funds when Joomla can be used just as effectively absolutely free!?

NetSolutions Group uses Joomla just for this reason – it is efficient, high quality and most importantly, saves money for its clients. Now non-technical people can change and update their own websites – what a terrific option this is for businesses! As recently as 2005 a tool such as Joomla would have cost anywhere from $10,000 to $100,000 just to install, but now just a short 7 years later it is free of charge! NetSolutions Group is always looking for the latest and most efficient technology and for the best interest for each and every one of its clients.

Large corporations such as Burger King, Sprint, General Electric, IKEA and Holiday Inn have discovered the many benefits of using Joomla and this number is expected to keep growing. It’s easy to see why: Joomla is very easy to utilize and maintain, has built-in support for multiple languages, can be controlled remotely using a web browser and it is open source.

Count on a reliable and cutting edge company such as NetSolutions Group to keep up with the latest trends in the cyber world; they want what is best for all of its clients, whether based in the Chicago and Lake County area or around the world. NetSolutions Group knows the way to easily manage your website is to use Joomla.

10 Things Your Web Stats Show You About Your Online Business

Whenever you run an online business you need to ensure that you have web stats to show you details about your online marketing campaigns. You need to fully understand what your web stats show you as well as how to use them to your advantage.

Hiring a company like SEM Media Group will not only give you the access to web stat reports but also the expertise needed to help you alter your existing campaigns for more effectiveness and create new ones that will gain your business more visibility and of course, more profits. Below are ten things that SEM Media wants you to understand about your web stats, take the time to learn and understand what each offers.

Unique Visitors – This shows you how many unique visitors you had on your website. The tool uses the ip address from each visitor so it does not matter if it they click through to all of your pages or just enter the landing page and leave, they are counted as one individual visitor.

SEM Media Group can follow this data to determine if your traffic is improving over time or if it is stuck in a rut.Traffic Location – By understanding where your traffic is coming from you can establish what campaigns are working best for your business.

SEM Media will help you to create a better balanced marketing campaign to ensure that you are reaching the targeted audience you need for increased profits.Referrals – Referrals are a huge part of your marketing campaign and can be the most affordable method for advertising your business.

With SEM Media Group analyzing your referrals you can find out what pages are linked to your site as well as which ones are giving you the most valuable referrals.Keywords – Your keywords are a large part of your marketing campaign and will be used in various ways to enhance your visibility online. SEM Media will help you to create the best possible keywords or keyword phrases for your targeted audience as well as help you implement them into the best possible campaigns.

Specific Page Information – Your website is built with a landing page as well as many other pages within the main site. SEM Media Group will help you determine where your visitors enter through your site and which pages are getting the most traffic. This information will allow SEM Media Group to tweak your pages and get more traffic to the sites that seem to be getting less action than the others.

Time Stamp – The time of day may not seem like an important aspect to your web stats but it can help SEM Media to determine when your sites are getting the most traffic and then narrow down specifics about that audience.

Entry/Exit Pages – Where a visitor enters onto your site and where they are when they leave can help SEM Media to determine what marketing campaigns are working and how effectively your web pages are  Of The Week – This data is similar to the time of the day and will help you to determine when and where to launch your promotions or other special

Spent On Site – The time that a visitor spends on your site can help you to determine if they are finding what you have to be valuable. If they simple enter the landing page and exit within seconds or even minutes chances are they are not seeing what they were searching for quickly enough.

Error Reports – Any links or images or content that is on your site will need to be working properly for the most effective impact on your visitors. If you have bad links, images not loading or content that is incorrectly displayed the error reports will tell you and allow you to quickly resolve the issue.

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