The Commodore 64 returns with the THE64 Mini and its 64 games included

The Commodore 64 returns with the THE64 Mini and its 64 games included

The Commodore 64 returns , as a mini-PC, ready to conquer once again the world. But this time, it’s for real. We have heard about the return of a similar PC to Commodore 64 for many years, but these rumors never seem to come true. To be fair, a number of clones have popped up over the years, but nothing revolutionary or that could inspire a new generation of PC gamers and users.

Let’s not forget that the Commodore 64 is considered one of the best-selling PCs of all time, and it’s obviously a hard feat to beat. To put this into perspective, the original Commodore was launched 36 years ago.

Age alone raises a very interesting puzzle for people trying to sell it. Customers who remember it might not be inclined to buy the new one today. They would be in their thirties, forties, or fifties, and we all know that these generations have very different interests. On the other hand, the melancholy effect could be exactly what the new Commodore needs.

But, what do we really find?

The64 Mini will play 64 tracks of yesteryear

Even though the THE64 Mini is a replica of the original , its size is twice as small. It is therefore a worthy successor, especially since it comes with 64 games. It’s a strange combination of new components and games of yesteryear, but it could work. The device can display content in 720p, and it even has a perfect pixel mode for people who want this sweet 4: 3 ratio.

Of course, it also comes with a fully functional keyboard, but more interestingly, with its own joystick, just like the previous opus. It will be interesting to see what we can do with this device, in addition to playing old games. For the moment, the firm remains discreet about its other possibilities.

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