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This file will introduce you to the concept of affiliation as well as its origin.Discover the functioning of the affiliation and its different actors that are white brands, affiliate platforms and advertising agencies to name only them.

Marketing Affiliation: Presentation

  • Affiliation is a contractual relationship between a merchant site (which is the creator of the affiliate program) and partner sites affiliated with its program.

These sites act as business introducers

They are the prescribers of its services and products. The affiliator is therefore the merchant site, and the affiliates are his partners who will help him sell his products by touching well on a commission on each sale. From the SEO Companies in Phoenix this is the best deals that you can have now.

So it’s a win-win relationship

How does it work concretely? Affiliates will put on their site elements of promotion of the merchant site which can be visual elements (banners, buttons), a product catalog or more simply text links marketing which return on the commercial site. They make the site known and bring visitors.

In exchange, they are eligible for variable or fixed commissions on sales generated, or clicks (simple visits to the merchant site), or on established contacts (visitors who simply register on the merchant site or fill in a questionnaire).

See here the presentation of the principle of marketing affiliation by Amazon (image of Amazon):

Marketing Affiliation: How It Works

The modes of remuneration vary strongly according to the sector and the products given with the affiliation marketing. The conditions of each affiliate program are therefore to read carefully.

In addition, a percentage commission on a sale will be greater (a few euros to much more depending on the products) than the level of commission on a single click or the acquisition of customer contacts

You can choose to join through white marks or by registering with affiliate platforms.

In practice, you have nothing to do in terms of product / service management, after sales service, delivery etc., everything is managed by the merchant site, the affiliate plays only the role of business provider.

The origin of the affiliation

The concept itself of affiliation is not new. All dealer networks practice some form of affiliation. They offer the products of other companies and earn a percentage on each sale (if they do not buy stocks of products initially).

This type of marketing affiliation is a kind of just-in-time concept: as if you were ordering products instantly when one of your visitors claims it.On the web, we know the first major affiliation program that appeared: it was Amazon who played the role of precursor in 1996. It is truly who launched the concept on a large scale. Jeff Bezos, founder and CEO of the online bookstore, had this idea at a party in 1996 when a participant asked him for advice on selling books on his site and possibly receiving a commission on each sale.

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