Straighten a series of images easily and quickly with XnView

Straighten a series of images easily and quickly with XnView

Here is the problem, you come back from a day or evening during which you took a lot of pictures and some of them deserve to be straightened. Straighten a photo involves a rotation depending on the desired straightening and then a cutto remove the borders created during the rotation. I looked for a moment how to do this in a fairly simple and fast way when you have many photos to process. For example if you have your images in Google Photos, there is a tool that allows you to straighten photos in 1 second using a ruler. In 2 clicks it’s over. However you have to upload the photos in google photos then download them after editing … This is a huge waste of time and especially quality because Google compresses the photos in his own way.

Straightening is a basic operation that even the most rudimentary photo editing software can do. However in the case of software like Photoshop for example it would open all the photos one by one and apply the transformation for each of the photos. Other software can automate the processing of a batch of photos but this implies that all photos deserve the same treatment. We are not in this case. Here is how to proceed.


This software is the best alternative to the problem I found. Indeed it allows you to open a batch of photos and edit them by moving from one photo to another in a click. Let’s see what this gives for the recovery of a photo:

After opening XnView, you can choose the folder in which your images are . The images in this folder will appear in the bottom area

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