Redshift and F.lux – All for the happiness of your beautiful fragile eyes

Redshift and F.lux - All for the happiness of your beautiful fragile eyes

Today we are going to talk about two small, very lightweight software that are very similar. They are made to regulate the temperature of your screens.

The temperature of our screens?

Let me explain, F.lux and Redshift take care to make you the view of the screen more pleasant and acceptable for your poor eyes. By tinting the screen according to the ambient brightness, these softwares prevent you from having a screen too bright and out of sync with your environment.  Typically the very bright white screen at night is all you need not. That’s how we hurt our eyes.

During the day, the screen will be quite normal but when the night approaches, as the sun fades, your screen turns yellow and even pulls the orange to soften. A bit like a sunset but on your screen;)

Why do I present to you 2?

Both programs work the same way, they recover the hours of sunrise and sunset thanks to your position and then work seamlessly.

F.lux has more options , including setting the time of your alarm clock to gradually change from orange to normal when you wake up. However for my part F.lux did not work super well on my version of Ubuntu. So I installed Redshift which is just as effective. Nothing to set, it has only a button “toggle” to pause temporarily when there is a job to do that requires faithful colors for example.

An Android version also exists , it is Twilight .

My opinion

Once tested you will not be able to do without it. It’s just perfect for the night and I can not do without it anymore. I have already tested several times to disable Redshift at night and my eyes are doing a lot of effort to accept the brightness that comes out, it is untenable. It’s even more blatant when you’re on the web and the page you’re looking at is predominantly white. Typically Google must have partnerships with opticians because it’s a carnage when you’re in a dark environment. I wonder how I did before having this software ^^ So for your health, adopt the screen tinted for the night!

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EDIT : I add that in the photo “it’s incredible” at the top of the article I manually put the software in night mode to show you, the screen is obviously not like that when the brightness is such that on the picture.

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