React Native: All The Functionalities That Attract Developers And Users

React Native: All The Functionalities That Attract Developers And Users

Mobile apps are an integral part of technology and virtual life of human beings. React Native is the new and improved way of making apps. The presence of React Native is one of the reasons why more and more web developers are delving into the app developing industry. Now, of course, there are other multi-platform solutions but they mostly rely on built-in JavaScript engine whereas React Native is way faster than such multi-platform solutions. If you want to have an app developed, choose a react native development company which is a pioneer in its field.

Facebook introducing React Native

Facebook created React Native for the iOS system to develop the applications. First, it was exclusive to Facebook but later they made it an open source. The main intention behind improving the documentation of React Native was to build an app and use it for several operating systems without putting in too much effort to write codes for each operating system separately.  React native’s popularity is increasing day by day. It is gaining community support and market shares.

Using React Native

When there is dynamic content changing within the view, React Native is used. React Native keeps up with the changing dynamics of the page view. Now a day, as more and more websites and applications prefer the dynamic content change, the React Native provides a good framework to keep the app running smoothly.

It also lessens the delay time. A React Native development company which has experience in React Native makes sure to provide tension free experience to its users. The examples of sites that use React Native are Instagram and Facebook.

React Native is easy to learn

One of the strengths of React Native is that it is very easy to learn. If the developer knows JavaScript already, then it becomes very easy to work with React Native. React Native is simple. Its styling is also similar to the CSS except for the few differences.

It is always a good thing to know that not much effort will be invested in learning about the whole system. When working with other systems, you need to learn a lot of concepts whereas while working with React Native, if you read ‘the basic section’ everything you need to know is well explained in that section.

Good performance

React Native apps are compiled very easily into the natively written codes. This helps it to work on both operating systems and also perform the same way in both the operating systems without any interruption. The component-based structure lets you make apps using web style.  There are several other advantages to React Native framework as it develops faster and it is easy to maintain. It also has the ability to reuse the program. Working with the React Native is also a time-saving process. Hire React Native Mobile App Developers, India as they are up to date with advanced technology used in React Native.

React Native is an open source framework. This means that it can be compatible with various operating systems.

In comparison to a typical hybrid app, the app built with React Native will have much less load time.

Importance of React Natives UI components

The React Native user interface components can be used in the app’s code that is already there. It doesn’t need rewriting. This is an advantage for business houses which want to augment an existing app without actually reconditioning it. It is easy to incorporate React Native components into the codes of the app and the app becomes equally efficient.

Adding Animations

The mobile apps interest users when there are lots of graphics and animations. Almost all of the apps have components that are animated. React Native provides smooth execution of the programs and helps to play animations and graphics smoothly. The technicality behind this is that the codes are converted to native views before rendering.

Third Party Plugin Compatibility

Third party plugin compatibility means that you have to use the web version for several functions if there is no compatibility.  One of the main benefits of React Native is that it lets you link the plugin with a native module, this way many functionalities of the phone are integrated and can be used with the app. This also takes up less time and less memory to operate. Also, if the app supports old operating systems, this means that the app will run smoothly.

It works on both iOS and Android platform

The best thing about React Native is that it is constantly improving in its functionality. This way it improves and becomes better than the other frameworks.  At the beginning of its launching, it only worked for iOS but with time, it started supporting the Android too. Now, its library can render user interfaces for both iOS and Android. This means apps can be developed for two different platforms without having to code from scratch. Both the versions of React Native were built by the same team of developers.

Ease of Language

According to Stack Overflow 2017, Develop Survey JavaScript is the most learnt language among programmers. The developers don’t need any specialized knowledge to make apps with React Native. Usually, app developers are familiar with the use of JavaScript. If the developer doesn’t know how to work with React Native, with some learning they can easily pick it up.

Other Facts

React Native apps are easy to use and they are user-friendly. They are also programmer-friendly as they save the time of programmers.

You can always add Java code for Android and Swift code for iOS if there is a requirement in the application.

Hire React Native Mobile App Developers, India foran authentic and superb experience of creating the app.

React Native is used in popular apps like Facebook, Airbnb, Instagram etc. This shows that developing apps in React Native is much trustworthy.

It lowers the maintenance cost for the project managers as the code base is the same for Android and iOS.

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