Optimizing your site for SEO in 2018

Optimizing your site for SEO in 2018

SEO is a constantly changing beast, despite what some managers seem to think when hiring consultants to optimize their websites. Quarter to quarter, year to year, Google make changes and tweaks to their ranking formula which changes the rules of the game – whoever adapts quickest, wins.

Below, we’ll lay out tips that will help you keep your website atop the rankings for your keyword(s) – at least, for the time being.

Write compelling content

Of all the tips you’ve ever heard in your life, this one may seem like the biggest ‘duh’ ever. It is a basic and frustrating suggestion to make, but it’s especially relevant as RankBrain continues to escalate in importance in Google’s complicated algorithm.

One of the factors that RankBrain evaluates is time spent on page – if a user spends more than three minutes perusing your content, it is purported that Google will give your site a ratings boost. If you write junk content, web searchers with half a brain will click away within seconds.

If you write informative, entertaining copy which engages those who read it, they will stick with it for longer, and when they do RankBrain will notice.

One thing is for certain, though – it is tough creating content which accomplishes this goal. To do this, you’ll have to spend hours writing, reading, and editing – all over several drafts.

Don’t let this process stress you out – take a break by partaking in an activity you love. For some, online gaming is something they are very passionate about, as the games of chance avialable on these sites give them a competitive outlet they lack in their adult lives.

Options exists for those with fiat or cryptocurrency – many operators offer poker, blackjack, roulette, and other common casino games.

Check them out today – if you crave action, you’ll find it on these sites!

Ditch short blog articles for longer form content

For years, the 500 word blog article was the gold standard in SEO circles. Quick to write up, writers everywhere could pump these out with little thought. Thanks to changes in Google’s inner workings, though, these are becoming less effective. These days, 2000 word articles are where it’s at.

People stick with and read these posts because they actually contain useful content they can apply to their lives. Ditch vague blogs which barely scratch the surface, but don’t just crank out four times more words – make them count.

Sprinkle LSI keywords throughout your articles

Another development in 2018 to keep your eye on – the emergence of the LSI keyword. Standing for Latent Semantic Indexing, they are words which are related to the primary topic of your article.

If the Google Spider senses your article is about smartphones, sprinkling references to Android, iPhone, apps, and other related terms will help your article rank higher.

Ensure your SERP listing is enticing to searchers

Let’s back up a bit from the article itself and talk about SERP (search engine results page) results. If you don’t make certain the meta description used to promote your article is engaging, few people will read the brilliance contained within.

You only get a few hundred characters to pique the interest of an attention-starved public – don’t waste them.

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