LG G-Flex the banana phone available in Korea

LG G-Flex the banana phone available in Korea

And if you had 700 euros (999,940 won) to spend in a smartphone? It’s supposed to be a shock sentence but because of Apple it has become horribly banal. Anyway the LG G-Flex is very expensive. And again this price is the one practiced in Korea which is the only country where it is marketed for the moment . So to get one you will have to pay a little more. I told you that this smartphone should appear in November, that’s done. It is once again from Engadget (they have a long arm!) That this information comes to us. Nicknamed “the banana phone” , this smartphone has a 6-inch screen (720p, 245ppi).

Curvature brings a lot of negative and positive things. Let’s start with the negative:

  • Hard to put in a pocket
  • Sometimes complicated to handle (can be a question of habit)

And now the positive:

  • Perfect adaptation to your head during communications.
  • The grip is improved too.
  • Increased resistance in time

LG announces that this smartphone is more likely to last in time. Indeed the flexibility of the phone makes it more resistant to any abuse. It could be slightly bent and then return to its original shape. And here I say Yes! The G-Flex paves the way for really flexible smartphone or foldable smartphone so yes for the moment it’s a gadget, yes it’s a very expensive gadget but it’s mostly a smartphone avant-garde who is forerunner of a future under the sign of flexibility for telephony.

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