Learn Android development. Where to start ?

Learn Android development. Where to start

More and more companies are being convinced of the need to create a mobile application to improve their profitability. While Android holds more than 70% of the global mobile market, it’s obvious that working as an Android developer can be very profitable , even if you’re a freelance developer . This article will give you some tips to start learning this craft. There are hundreds of free or cheap lessons that will give you the basics you need to get started with Android programming.

Why Android programming?

Android is the undisputed king of mobile apps although we should not underestimate iOS. Today, there are more than 700,000 apps on the Google Play store. To this number we must add those which have not been submitted. On our own, our platform has more than 2,000 Android game and application developers. Feel free to take a look at a mobile gaming project we have done .

Other facts on Android:

  • With iOS, it is one of the two systems that dominate the global mobile market.
  • More and more mobile devices are running on Android: smartphones, tablets, wearables devices like smart watches or Smart TV .
  • The Java programming language has been chosen by Google to create Android applications.
  • In addition to Java, XML metalanguage is used for designing interfaces with Parsing.
  • To create applications, you can use the Android SDK. It is a set of tools that includes a debugger and software libraries.
  • With Android, changes are common. Each year, Google launches a new version of its operating system. The penultimate, Lollipop, and the last, Marshmallow, are gaining more and more users. Older versions are gradually losing ground.

How to learn Android programming?

There are a thousand and one ways to learn to program for Android. You can, of course, use books or audio-visual tutorials on YouTube, but there are a few other options:

  • The Google Play programming tutorial : it does not only talk about Android programming but, more generally, Java basics.
  • The mobile application for learning Java : designed for self-taught, it is available in English. Each tutorial is followed by a brief quiz or test. You can download it with your Android device.
  • HELP-IDE for Android Java C ++  : This is an integrated development environment (IDE) with which you can start developing applications directly on your device. An adapted keyboard gives access to the most common special characters in programming to facilitate writing.

Tools for creating Android apps

Android Studio is one of the most important Android development tools. You will need to know how to install and use it to create applications.

You can download it from the Google Developer Page. The pack includes everything you need to get started:

  • The Eclipse IDE and the ADT plugin
  • Android SDK
  • The most up-to-date Android platform and its tools
  • The most recent versions of emulators

Just install the package on your computer to start working. Do not hesitate to consult the android-dev.fr blog for all the instructions on installing Android Studio.

And you ? Do you already know how to program for Android? Are you already registered on Google Play? Feel free to tell us about your experience in the comments. And do not forget, knowing the programming languages is not enough to create a successful application. We invite you to read our article about creating Android app to learn more.

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