Internet Explorer at the top of browsers used in 2011

Internet Explorer at the top of browsers used in 2011

I propose you to return to a highlight of the year 2011 (which marks me anyway). This is the overwhelming preponderance of Internet Explorer at the top of the table of the most used browsers. It remains in front of Firefox, Chrome or Opera and Safari.It still passes from 46% of market share to 39% over the year so the trend is downward unlike chrome, which gains 13 points of PDM over the same period. Opera and Safari are at the bottom of the table with 2% and 7% respectively at the end of 2011.

As for the predictions for 2012, the numbers are quite optimistic for Chrome which should be ahead of IE. IE which should also lose a lot of market share (Just like Firefox).

In addition Chrome is well launched for this year because from today even version 17 of the google browser is available in stable version. It incorporates more speed and security. This version allows you to surf a little faster: when you enter a site name in the search bar, auto-completion makes it easier for you, but most importantly, and this is all new, Chrome will look in its algorithms the sites you are most likely to visit (or the ones you visited most often), and anticipates the display of the page while you finish typing. As soon as you validate, the page is instantly displayed, which saves you a few seconds that make the difference.

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