How to choose your SEO agency?

choose your SEO agency

Having a website is the first step to make your business known on the web. But to make it profitable you need visits then making contact all in the long run. How to position your site on keywords? How to have more traffic on your website? You need an SEO agency , but as all trades the choice is vast.

If you want real results over the long term, the price should not be the only decisive criterion. Some agencies do not have good practices in this area. Your site may eventually be blacklisted by Google (+ 90% of searches are done on Google). There will be no way out or very hard. You will have thrown your money through the windows. You will certainly be required to acquire a new domain name, redo a site and rework its natural referencing. As much to save time and money, here are our tips for choosing your natural SEO agency .

How to choose your SEO agency?

Before choosing your SEO agency , you must inquire. Ask your interlocutor something concrete. Some examples of achievements, results obtained and report on the progress of the project will be given regularly. You will not necessarily need a briefing briefing will suffice. The SEO consultants mainly want to know your target traffic and the desired positioning. You can also provide a list of keywords especially if you are in a technical area. The SEO consultant will then sort through to choose which occurrences bring the most traffic.

The easiest way to start looking for an SEO provider is to simply rely on search engine results. For example, if you want a provider on Lorient “Lorient  SEO Agency  ” and you just have to choose among the companies in the first page. SEO is a very competitive business, so if you choose an SEO provider among these results, you should not normally be disappointed.

How does an SEO agency work and what are their main qualities:

Not all SEOs work in the same way. Some only do an SEO audit with recommendations to put in place, which you must apply yourself or your webmaster. Others intervene directly on your site. Some are specialized in generating other backlinks in the internal structure of the site … You will choose according to your needs, but it is imperative to find the following qualities to help make your choice:

  • Listening to your needs
  • Simplicity to explain things to you
  • The availability
  • Transparency , you must be kept informed of developments
  • Sharing knowledge, giving you advice for the future so you do not make the same mistakes.
  • Honesty , it can happen that a SEO can not do anything for you and offers to redo your site.

Lie detector: sifting through an SEO agency

1st lie: I guarantee you the first place of Google
First of all, know that it is impossible to guarantee the 1st place of a search engine SEO. SEO agencies do not have the search engines … Just a change ofalgorithm or a SEO competitor that gives a hard time and the task becomes difficult.

For our part, we have several customers in 1st position on Google. It happens to us to note the loss of one or two places during a change of algorithm, that is why we are constantly in standby. When a positioning “moves”, we intervene to return to our original place. We often set up a contract over time, it is not mandatory each request is unique, but keep in mind that natural referencing is working in the long term.

2nd lie: I guarantee you results in 15 days
Beware of the clever ones that could jeopardize your site, they will never tell you, but they do black hat. Or even more fanatics who for them, you refer to Google is just let you know with the name of your company. It is pointless ! The goal of SEO is that we find you without knowing you … As for the black hat, they are bad practices in terms of SEO and you will certainly win a black site listed, so we will not find it on Google .

What price does it cost to refer to its website?

An SEO consultant like any professional will not offer anything free, especially if you go to an agency. The SEO agencies have more operating expenses as a freelance and frequently follow in the long term is better. The referencing contract can range from € 250 to € 900 per month depending on your site, your requirements in short the work to provide in order to achieve the objectives.

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