Energy Sistem eReader Max – A reader for Android

Energy Sistem eReader Max - A reader for Android

Hola todos! Today we are testing a Spanish reading light from Energy Sistem. I have already tested here a bluetooth speaker and a multi-room system from home. Rather satisfactory concerning the speakers but today we tackle the very competitive market of reading lights . The Kindle PaperWhite from Amazon is difficult to dethrone. Not being a regular user of e-reader, it is my eye warned in techno product that will speak rather than the user used to reading.

Under the hood

  • Touchscreen
  • WIFI connection
  • Android 4.2
  • Dual Core processor
  • 8 GB of internal memory expandable up to 64 GB more via microSD cards

E-ink yes but not smaller!

With its 6-inch E-ink screen , this reading light is nice to use but the size is just right. I would have said yes to a few extra inches.

The screen is not backlit which could have been very convenient. This is a well-liked feature of e-reader users in general so it’s unfortunate that it is not available here.

The design is successful and especially the matt touch is very nice. The coating is really top.

The reader and its use

The main debate on eReaders is focused mainly on the use and replacement of the book, rather than the specifications that are often in the background of this debate.

Regarding this model from Energy Sistem, he does very well. A battery that holds the road enough to not have to worry, buttons well placed, a nice screen, a light weight, the Android system helps us to customize the device, in short the good ingredients of a product successful.

I was disappointed with one thing is that it is not turnkey. There are certainly some books pre-loaded but to download new ones it is not necessarily obvious.

It is not a low-cost reading device contrary to the prices that Energy Sistem usually practices. This eReader Max figures at 119 € anyway (Amazon Kindle Paperwhite at 130 € for comparison). So we can be a little critical. However it is a nice alternative to the giants of the market and Energy Sistem realizes here a beautiful product quite consistent with the competition.

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