Contemplating to Buy a Video Door Phone? 5 Basic and Essential Features It Must Have

Contemplating to Buy a Video Door Phone? 5 Basic and Essential Features It Must Have

With the crime rate at an all-time high, need to be vigilant about the safety of your homes and loved ones is paramount. A feature rich video phone at your front door can provide the much-needed security to ensure complete peace of mind.

Want a high-tech mechanism in place to cover your home security needs? No problem! Install a video phone at your main entrance to monitor visitors and keep an eye on suspicious events. The device that includes two components (interior & exterior) is equipped with a microphone and camera to provide real-time visibility of what is happening at the front door. The occupants can interact with callers without coming face-to-face through the video before opening the door. The sleek security tool is perfect to safeguard the property and inmates against unwanted intrusions. However, before making a purchase, make sure to look out for these 5 must-have features.

  1. Sturdy and Weather Resistant: The casing of the outdoor unit is continuously exposed to diverse weather conditions. It should thus be durable with the potential to withstand the natural elements. Be it rain, extreme heat, dust or storms, the security apparatus should able to operate efficiently under any situation. Further, it should be sturdy enough to resist tampering, sabotage or vandalism.
  2. Provision of Remote Access: Make sure the security gadget enables you to unlock the door remotely. This feature adds to the convenience. You may be busy in the kitchen or tied up in some other household chores. It eliminates the need to temporarily abandon the task at hand to physically open the door when the bell rings. You can view the visitor on the monitor and once satisfied just tap the ‘lock-release’ button to grant access.
  3. Night vision: To ensure 24/7 protection the door phone needs to function effectively regardless of the light conditions. A unit with inbuilt infrared illuminators facilitates night vision. This feature can help identify callers clearly in poor light or even complete darkness. This is undoubtedly one of the most important features to look for in a video phone. What good is a security camera if it cannot capture the image in low-light conditions.
  4. Extra screens:The video door phone should be flexible and support more than one monitor. The provision of additional screens helps in keeping an eye on visitors from any corner of the house. Be it the kitchen, living room, study or bedroom; you just need to verify the caller on the monitor and buzz him/her inside with the click of the remote.
  5. Don’t disturb mode:This is another handy feature in the smart home device that empowers the occupants. Just hit the button to activate the “do not disturb” function, if you want to take a snooze or work for a couple of hours without any distractions. It will turn off the ringer and help keep visitors at bay for the set period of time.

So what are you waiting for? Check for these essential features in the video phone and get ready to install the safety device to take your home security to a whole new level!

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