Apps for Your Pets and Plants

Apps for Your Pets and Plants

We use apps on a daily basis. Actually, saying daily basis would be an understatement, as apps find its usage in our lives every single time we open our phones. You want to go to the office so you go on your phone, open an app that provides you with a cab service. You feel like trying a new cuisine so you again to your phone and look for an app that provides you with a variety of cuisines. From food to travel to entertainment to finances, you will find an app for almost everything you need. But here’s the catch, while you can find apps for all your uses, have you ever questioned that what about the species that cannot speak for themselves, do we have any apps for their convenience as well? Thankfully there are just enough apps for your pets, wildlife or plants as well. Considering they also need care and love, you would be surprised to know that there are so many things that, let’s say, a pet would also need to be taken care of. And with the help of the apps mentioned in this article, you will save enough time, gain new information and will always remain on track with your activities.

Shazam for Plants and Animals

When you go out to some lush green garden of a landscape as big as your imagination, don’t you get overwhelmed with the variety of plants present in that area? It intrigues us as to which species of plants and animals belong to which ones. Which ones are edible, which ones could be used as medicine, and which ones could be harmful. And this is a knowledge that not every person would have. That is where a group of botanists and researchers got together to give birth to an app called “PlantNet Plant Identification” which works just like a Shazam app except this is for identifying wild plants. This free app identifies plant species from the pictures with the help of a visual recognition software. The user has to upload a picture of a plant’s part like a stem, leaf, flower or a fruit. After which the app gives a suggestion as to what that plant could be. This app, in turn, is highly beneficial to scientists in drawing conclusions based on the geographical distribution of plants and their evolution in time and space. This can be highly useful in identifying invasive species.

iNaturalist is another app that helps in identifying plants and animals both.

Love your pets through these apps

11Pets is a pet care app for your dogs, cats and birds. You can remember, monitor and care for all your pet care needs starting from your daily tasks to medical records. 11Pets is more like a health journal app for your pet’s vaccinations, scheduled vet visits and medicines. You can also keep a track of your pet’s supply needs in this App. PetBacker– Pet Sitting, Dog Walking, Dog Boarding is another free app to connect you with other dog pet owners such as yourself in all the major cities to help you get a loving and a trusted pet sitter who can take care of your pets as and when you make a request.

APCC by ASPCA – Nobody can know when a hazard is about to strike your pet. And so to be on the safer side this app will come in handy to help you identify common hazards that could harm your pet. It mainly focuses on dogs, cats, birds and horses.

The Internet has given us information at a rate that is much faster than any other source ever. So while it is important to use apps that are of necessity to our daily basic needs, it is also very important to use apps that do well for our surroundings and creatures who cannot express themselves. Afterall, technology’s ultimate purpose is to be of use to anyone and everyone. The apps mentioned in the article above are just limited to your pets, plants and animals. You can go a step further and look for causes that require the intervention of technology. Who knows you could be the next millennial to come up with your own app. Until then keep downloading apps that are meaningful and takes care of not just you but other species as well. Do keep in mind to buy a phone that has a good internal memory storage available as half of the times we get demotivated to download such apps on our phones because of memory issues. There are a certain number of phone brands like Panasonic India Smartphones, Xiaomi India and Vivo India who have quite amazing phones. The best part is they all are reasonably priced phones so keeping these beneficial apps won’t be a problem anymore.

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