After Social Media Comes Chatbots

After Social Media Comes Chatbots

The future of business is in Chatbots. Don’t know what a chatbot is? You may have already interacted with one. Technically, Chatbots are programs that interact conversationally with humans through audio or text. These programs are sort of Artificial Intelligence and can be referred to in numerous other names such as; talk bots, IM Bots or Artificial Conversation Entity. To be classified as a chatbot, a program must first pass a Turing Test by convincingly simulating human conversational skills. Too much? In simpler terms, a chatbot is a service that interacts with you via a chat interface.

Originally known as “ChatterBots,” a phrase coined by Michael Mauldin in 1994 for the first Verbot, Chatbots were used for customer service, information desks and sales and marketing, but lately, they have grown and are steadily being used in messaging apps and virtual assistants. From games to virtual guides, Chatbots are taking over the tech world in a big way. Social media was the go-to for interaction within the online community, but recently the use of messenger apps has overtaken social networks. Facebook has seen more people switch to the messenger version than the usual app with WhatsApp and Telegram rising in popularity.

Chatbot Marketing Is The Future

Business is rushing to create an online presence, and with the rise in chatbot use, many organizations are setting up chatbot marketing apps to ease the burden of having to employ people to handle customer queries and for information distribution. The simpler versions of Chatbots are guided by a fixed set of rules and can only engage a person up to a certain degree. If you use words, not in the program, the program sends an error alert, this kind of bots are only as intelligent as the code allows. The rise in chatbot popularity can be attributed to the rise of Chatbots that use machine learning. This category of bots have artificial brains (AI), and they get smarter as they interact with more people.

Building a chatbot is not as hard as it sounds, especially if you want a simple one to guide people through an online store. The first thing you need is a platform such as Botpress on which your bot will run on. The basic function of a chatbot is to understand the user input and produce the desired answer. Sounds simple enough but the process that governs the user-chatbot interaction will influence the accuracy of the feedback the user receives. The biggest issue is creating a program that can handle large amounts of data at any given time, or there is a risk of failure.

Most Chatbots are text-based, but more platforms are offering audio and video chatbots with virtual avatars guiding you the system. The programs that run chatbots maybe complicated and the strict use of Natural Language Processing means that most people cannot create their own bots, but with the increase in internet access, we are likely to see more uses for chatbots. Today even toys are being equipped to teach sounds and reading to children through chatbots, and the future is set to bring more.

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